Rooted began with a conversation between two agtech entrepreneurs: “how can everyone, everywhere grow a little of their own food?”.  We activated our mega-network of urban farming gurus, chefs, and science geeks to make that happen.  Rooted tells stories with a goal; growing the perfect lettuce, the best mushrooms, your own cocktail ingredients. 

And we just can’t with endless webinars and shaky YouTube videos.  So we take you from “never opened a seed packet” to “I’ve got this” in bite sized, interactive episodes.  More Twitch.  Less Zoom.

Our global stories integrate neatly into corporate wellness programs.  Stood up in days or customized in weeks, whatever works best for you.


Isabelle Decitre

ID Capital

Childlike curiosity is my driver. I like to understand and discover new things and how they work. Started looking at the stars. Quantum physics became my thing. And then one day I looked at my plate. Since then there has been no way back.

My secret ambition is to become self-sufficient in mini cucumbers. And believe me, it’s a challenge.


Nicola Kerslake

Contain, Inc.

First saw an aquaponics system on a mission quest in Taos, NM a decade ago. Been using economist geekery in the indoor agriculture industry ever since. And picking up some tech learning along the way. Techstars Farm to Fork grad.

My secret ambition is to rebuild SimCity but with thousands of cities. And more animals. One day.